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This supposed conflict has always bemused me. I don’t see any conflict at all.

What is true, is true. What is unknown or not understood, is a mystery (this potentially includes unity consciousness, intuition awareness, intentional manifestation, etc.). Science is driven by the human desire to know, understand, and control. Skepticism is the recognition and valuation of the difference between (supposed) knowing and believing (for whatever reason).

I think many problems come from the tendency of many (not all) scientists to ignore, distort, or reject what they don’t (yet) have the ability to observe and measure. The spectrum of material (space) and energetic (time) units of measure naturally extends far beyond the capability of scientific observational equipment. Such equipment will most certainly continuously improve with time, but it can never match reality.

Which brings us back to our own mystical nature as expressions/aspects/parts of the universe itself. I would be willing to bet that scientists move significantly faster and further in their inquires when high quality meditation is part of their method and lifestyle. If this is true and it became widely known, the (ridiculous and unnecessary) separation and conflict between science and spirituality/mysticism would quickly begin to disappear – at least for the scientists!

Of course the separation and conflict between science and RELIGION is another matter altogether! Religion has a bloody past and clings tightly to its fear-based spiritual ignorance and metaphorical illiteracy. Naturally, it would be difficult for the influential elders to concede. But, fortunately (and in large part due to the internet), the young are awakening. So there is great hope for a less violent awakening.

That is, until we consider the imperialistic capitalists. I am significantly less optimistic about their transformation being a peaceful one.

Ok, I’ll stop now.

Please accept this as my current perspective expressed with whatever words came out in this particular moment. I retain the right to refine my perspective on a daily basis. ;-)

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